The company chooses to cooperate with the standardized large-scale production enterprise Yantai Humon Chemical Additives Co., Ltd. in the form of a general distributor in the Russian market according to the scope and period approved by the hazardous chemical business license, to provide users with high-quality and cost-effective beneficiation reagents;
At the same time, we also provide customers with mineral processing technology services and business agency services to meet their diverse needs.
The company has rich industrial experience and professional knowledge in the fields of non-ferrous and precious metal beneficiation, smelting, mineral products, beneficiation reagents, mechanical equipment, and accessory trade;
Through in-depth understanding of upstream and downstream customers, we aim to establish long-term strategic partnerships, with a rigorous attitude, strong sense of responsibility, and strong execution power to optimize the matching of raw materials and processes in terms of product characteristics, technological advantages, and process advantages. This maximizes the value of upstream mineral raw materials and simultaneously enhances the comprehensive recycling efficiency of competitive smelting enterprises;
Yantai Chenping Minerals Co., Ltd

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